International Journal of Humanities and Applied Social Science

ISSN: 2471-7576 (Online)

DOI: 10.33642/ijhass

Implementation of STEM in Secondary Mathematics Classrooms: Identification of Teachers' Beliefs

Author(s): Onder Koklu, Ph.D. , Peter PHAN

The purpose of this study was to investigate teachers’ beliefs about the implementation of STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) approach in secondary (6-12 grades) mathematics classes and identify intervening belief aspects. A questionnaire was developed regarding practicing secondary level mathematics teachers’ beliefs about the implementation of STEM in mathematics classes. An online form of the questionnaire was created and sent to all secondary math teachers in two counties in the state of Florida. Eighty-two were received back from teachers. The results of factor analysis confirmed that items were distributed under five major aspects. Finally, the results of the data analysis disclosed that although most teachers believe that the implementation of STEM education is necessary, some have concerns about the effectiveness of the implementation because of shortages of materials, resources, and equipment needed for implementation of STEM. Another important finding is that teachers don’t have appropriate and sufficient knowledge for the implementation of STEM activities.