International Journal of Humanities and Applied Social Science

ISSN: 2471-7576 (Online)

DOI: 10.33642/ijhass

The Future of Cooperation of Iran and Russia in the Field of Security and Defense

Author(s): Zohreh Ghadbeigy

Emergence of transformation in world system followed by the breakdown of the East and the development of the field of collective and individual competitions among the governments in universal and regional levels and development of convergence processes in the behavior of the governments have prepared the requirements of alteration in analytical field and components and geopolitics effectiveness in the 3rd millennium; consequently, Islamic Republic of Iran and Russia Federation reinforce and strengthen mutual security and defensive cooperation based on the perception of their interior and exterior potentials. In fact, these two countries have numerous reasons and motivations for cooperation in the field of security and defense considering common and strategic benefits particularly in the field of Caspian Sea, Central Asia, Afghanistan, and Syria; as a result, defensive and security cooperation between Iran and Russia, has a vital and effective role in the strategies of two international and regional powers upon current equations and future transformations of the universe and region in such a way that strategic experts consider it as "a very significant transformation", "initiation of basic alterations" and "the beginning of a novel structure in the middle east"; consequently, the current research tends to assess pleasant, possible and probable scenarios in the relation of the mentioned countries while re-identifying defensive and security cooperation between Iran and Russia.